photograph children and petspets on a regular basis here at Rowe Studio and I’ve been huge fans of this dynamic duo since day 1. All pets are part of the family, not just dogs.

It’s always a moment of uncertainty for clients when they mention they have a pet and they are keen to have them involved in the shoot, almost as if they are sure the request will be shut down immediately. The truth is, I really do love having the whole family involved in a photo shoot.

The UK is a nation of animal lovers and our pets are valuable and loved members of our families. I recognise this and love to get the family pets involved in family photoshoots, as well as creating beautiful pet portraits of the animals themselves during the shoot.

For many of our clients, a four legged family member may have been the first baby, the ‘fur baby‘ if you will! I understand the importance of having memories with pets, after all, the love and interaction they have with your child(ren) is really special and we love to capture it.

Wendy and her family and long time friends and clients and it has been a delight to watch their family grow. Marlene has been a fixture in their family portrait shoots for a good while now and always puts a smile on everyone’s face. She is such a character and really always seems to be ‘on’ for the camera, but more importantly, you can really see how much she loves her little Sister.

I’ve included a few past images so you can see how including furry friends works with every age!



pet pet

pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet

For more information about having your whole family photographed please contact me here. 

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